The  MiniDress by Afrihilil

Looking for a casual dress that will make you stand out at the next social event?

Then the Afrihili MiniDress is for you.  

The Afrihili MiniDress is a sleeveless, cocktail-style dress made from handmade fabrics.

The innovative design of the MiniDress fuses traditional and modern elements in a distinctive layout that is at once contemporary yet classic, sophisticated yet simple and daring yet understated.    

Its contemporary influences are apparent in the bold sleeveless arms   and seductive v-shaped neckline even as the colorful fabric and elaborate embroidery betray its indigenous connections.

The most distinguishing feature of the MiniDress has to be the quality finish and superior craftsmanship. Casual wear does not have to be boring so Afrihili went to great lengths to ensure that the MiniDress wraps you in style and comfort.

Available in 4 different sizes and 10 fabric designs, there is bound to be one   that is just right for you.

From the office to the romantic dinner and places in between, the MiniDress is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.  And at a price of USD 120, casual elegance has never been this affordable.