The Afrihili Ladies FlairTop

Afrihili is pleased to announce the introduction of the Ladies’ FlairTop, a peplum-style blouse made from handmade “Fugu” fabrics.   

The FlairTop   combines traditional and modern elements in a striking design that is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.  It is truly one of those rare outfits that will take you from casual to elegant effortlessly, and always in style.

The most interesting feature of the FlairTop is its unique pleat construction which gives it a more open and much fuller appearance.  

The FlairTop ‘s  innovative design makes it  extremely versatile so it may be  worn comfortably as a top and also as  a short dress.

Pair it with your favorite jeans or skirt and you will look splendid on a  stroll or hanging out with your friends.

Wear it as a dress with heels and your favorite accessories and the FlairTop will take you from   a romantic dinner to the movie theatre without missing a beat.

The FlairTop is available in 8 different fabric designs  and will make a great gift to a young professional or the young at heart.