Redesigning The Dashiki Shirt

When we decided to make the Afrihili line of Dashiki shirts, we understood immediately that this was no ordinary undertaking.  After all, the Dashiki shirt is one of the most recognizable products from African fashion. With fans from all walks of life and every corner of the globe, it can truly be described as a classic.

We didn’t want to make just another copy of the many Dashiki shirts available in the market.  We wanted to do something different. We challenged ourselves to create something new that will improve on the original whilst remaining true to its essence.

For inspiration, we turned to another industry that has lots of experience improving on iconic products – the automobile industry.   The redesign of the classic MINI by BMW in the early 2000’s was particularly instructive.

And so after three months of research and development, we are pleased to deliver on our commitment with the launch of the Afrihili Dashiki Shirt in June 2018.

The Afrihili Dashiki shirt uses the same well-loved Dashiki fabric design but improves on the iconic product in three key areas.  

First, it is made from   high quality wax-print material.  This is in contrast to the ordinary cotton-print material used in the classic Dashiki shirts.  This means that the Afrihili shirt looks better and maintains its colors longer than the competition.

Second,   the Afrihili Dashiki shirt is constructed   from standard shirt “pattern” blocks with separate pieces for the sleeves and the shirt body.  The classic Dashiki shirt is constructed from a simplified design pattern that incorporates the shirt body and the sleeves in one piece. As a result, the Afrihili shirt fits better and looks better on you.

Finally, the Afrihili Dashiki shirt comes with distinctive styling elements like a big, one-piece, baggy pocket in front. The classic Dashiki shirt comes with two small pockets on each side of the body.  Consequently, the Afrihili shirt looks more sporty and stylish.

In short, the improvements in materials and design means that the Afrihili Dashiki shirt looks better, fits better and ages better.   

The Afrihili Dashiki shirt is Unisex design and comes in 7 colors and 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.