5 Things You May Not Know About Ghana Smocks

One of the biggest trends in Ghanaian fashion today  is  the use of traditional smocks  also known as Fugu or Batakari from the north of the country. Here are five things you may not know about this must-have fashion item.

1. Fugu is the name of the thin strips of fabric used in making the smocks. The Mossie (a northern Ghanaian language) word for cloth is Fugu

2. The Fugu cloth is also very popular in Burkina Faso where it is called Faso Dan Fani.  
Faso Dan Fani means “woven cloth of the homeland” in the Burkina (Dioula) language.

Burkinabe Team

3. There are many variations or styles of smock.
Each community in Northern Ghana specializes in a particular style the most common of which are the Batakari,  Bingmaa, Yensikyi, Kpakoto and Yable.   

4. Batakari is an Hausa word for outerwear.
The Batakari style of smock is a 3-piece attire with a long flowing outer gown, a long-sleeve inner robe and a trouser.


5. The most popular style of smock in Ghana is the Densikyi also known as Yensikyi, a light   sleeveless smock meant for everyday wear. Densikyi is the Hausa word for singlet.