1. The MiniDress by Afrihilil

    Looking for a casual dress that will make you stand out at the next social event?

    Then the Afrihili MiniDress is for you.  

    The Afrihili MiniDress is a sleeveless, cocktail-style dress made from handmade fabrics.

    The innovative design of the MiniDress fuses traditional and modern elements in a distinctive layout that is at once contemporary yet classic, sophisticated yet simple and daring yet understated.    

    Its contemporary influences are apparent in the bold sleeveless arms   and seductive v-shaped neckline even as the colorful fabric and elaborate embroidery betray its indigenous connections.

    The most distinguishing feature of the MiniDress has to be the quality finish and superior craftsmanship. Casual wear does not have to be bor

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  2. Redesigning The Dashiki Shirt

    When we decided to make the Afrihili line of Dashiki shirts, we understood immediately that this was no ordinary undertaking.  After all, the Dashiki shirt is one of the most recognizable products from African fashion. With fans from all walks of life and every corner of the globe, it can truly be described as a classic.

    We didn’t want to make just another copy of the many Dashiki shirts available in the market.  We wanted to do something different. We challenged ourselves to create something new that will improve on the original whilst remaining true to its essence.

    For inspiration, we turned to another industry that has lots of experience improving on iconic products – the automobile industry.   T

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  3. The Afrihili Ladies FlairTop

    Afrihili is pleased to announce the introduction of the Ladies’ FlairTop, a peplum-style blouse made from handmade “Fugu” fabrics.   

    The FlairTop   combines traditional and modern elements in a striking design that is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.  It is truly one of those rare outfits that will take you from casual to elegant effortlessly, and always in style.

    The most interesting feature of the FlairTop is its unique pleat construction which gives it a more open and much fuller appearance.  

    The FlairTop ‘s  innovative design makes it  extremely versatile so it may be  worn comfortably as a top and also as  a short dress.

    Pair it with your favorite jeans or skirt and you will look splendid on a  stroll or hanging out with your friends.

    Wear it as a dress with heels and your favorite

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  4. 5 Things You May Not Know About Ghana Smocks

    One of the biggest trends in Ghanaian fashion today  is  the use of traditional smocks  also known as Fugu or Batakari from the north of the country. Here are five things you may not know about this must-have fashion item.

    1. Fugu is the name of the thin strips of fabric used in making the smocks. The Mossie (a northern Ghanaian language) word for cloth is Fugu

    2. The Fugu cloth is also very popular in Burkina Faso where it is called Faso Dan Fani.  
    Faso Dan Fani means “woven cloth of the homeland” in the Burkina (Dioula) language.

    Burkinabe Team

    3. There are many variations or styles of smoc

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  5. Behind the name: Afrihili Smockwear

    We get many questions about our name. Much more than about our products. We like to think that this is because our products are relatively simple and our name is not.

    The top questions  are:   “What is a Smock?” and “What is the meaning of Afrihili?”

    In the absence of a  Frequently Asked Question  section of our website, we will use this post to address these questions.  

    For the record, a “smock” or more specifically, a “traditional smock” in West Africa refers to a t

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  6. 6 Reasons African Fashion Is Winning Over The World

    Ten years ago, few people outside of Africa knew what a Dashiki shirt was. Today, Dashiki is part of the mainstream vocabulary. Whilst the role of external factors such as social media cannot be denied, much of the growing interest in African fashion will not be possible without strong intrinsic factors.

    Here are our top 6 reasons why African fashion – traditional and modern – is winning over converts worldwide.

    1. They  have style

    Historically, clothes in the African community were made to measure by small scale producers. The personalized service meant there was more room for innovation and quality craftsmanship.  The net effect was that the finished clothes looked and fit better than their mass produced c

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